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Massage Therapists Near Me


Brow Wax                        $ 10

​Brow Shaping                 $ 20

Lip Wax                            $ 10

Chin                                  $ 10 Neck                                 $ 20

Side burns                       $ 20

Full Face                          $ 50

Face & Neck                    $ 60

Happy Trail                      $ 10

Bikini                               $ 30

Brazilian                         $ 50

​Extended Upper Thigh   $20 

​1/2 Leg Wax                  $ 40

​Whole Leg                      $ 60

​Men Back                   $ 40-$80

​Men Chest                  $ 20-$40

Men  Stomach                  $ 40 

​Men Knap Neck                  $20

18 Years Experience Massage Therapist

30 Min. Head Neck Shoulder Massage $30.00

Ladies Swedish Massage  $50.00 1 hr (light)

Ladies Therapeutic  (Signature) Massage   $ 60.00 1 hr (medium)

​Ladies Deep Tissue Massage  $ 70.00 1 hr. (deep)

Gentlemen 1 Hr. Swedish Massage $ 60.00 ( light)

Gentlemen 1 Hr. Therapeutic Massage $ 70.00(Medium)

Gentlemen 1 Hr. Deep Tissue Massage $ 80.00 (Deep)

Diamond Head Microdermabrasion $ 50.00

Microdermabrasion is a facial procedure that uses manual exfoliation to remove the outer layer of skin. This process works in a series to achieve the best results. We use a Diamond tipped wand to abrade the surface of your skin. ... Microdermabrasion is a safe and gentle procedure with no downtime

Chemical Peels

10-30 %

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Facial skin is mostly treated, and the body and scarring can be improved. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outermost layers of the skin. ... The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

European Facial $ 60.00

​This Facial is an Extraction Facial or Hydration Facial , includes hand , neck and neck massage. European facial is a great basic skincare treatment. You get personalized attention on your face and skin as well as time to relax and enjoy being pampered. A cleanser is used to get rid of surface impurities and oils. Exfoliating scrubs the rough dead skin away. Masks are applied towards the end of your facial as they are more responsive to already cleansed skin. Focusing on the Face, Neck & chest.  Extractions are perhaps one of the most important parts of the facial. A trained aesthetician or aesthetic student can perform extractions more skill fully and they are much less damaging to the skin. Facials are a perfect skin treatment to get on a regular basis as they are affordable and can do wonders for your skin if done routinely.

Custom Facial $ 40.00

Relaxing %  Hydrating

After a skin analysis, each facial is customized tailored to the client's skin needs and skin type.

Face Lift Massage

Face Lift  Massage Tighten and firms the inner most muscle of the face. This will knock 10 years off  life$ 30/ 30 ,minutes . $60 / 60 minutes, 
Smoke will constrict blood flow  the face , you get line around your mouth.

You will  get tuff skin sagging skin is from being Hydrating

30  Minute Face Lift Massage is $ 30.00

60 Minute Face Lift Massage is $ 60.00

Face Lift Massage is a Muscle Toning Facial.

It has  Cleaning , Exfoliation , Massage and more.


Is a Facial for your Back, Great fro those Bathing's and Low Cut Back Dresses